Youth Ministry


  1. Give prayerful attention to the spiritual life of the youth
  2. Serve as an advisory committee for all youth activities of the church.
  3. Give attention to assisting, promoting and encouraging such youth programs as:
    • Teen Meetings
    • Youth Camps
    • Kids Camps
  4. Encourage youth if the church to participate in extension work such as: Out door Evangelism, Talent Search, Bible Quizzes, Youth Choir Tour
  1. To develop a Youth Group in which there is spontaneous, creative, deliberate, and sincere worship of God. To create a celebratory atmosphere motivated by love commitment to Jesus Christ and recognition of his worthiness
  2. To bring the youth together into a loving, caring accepting and trusting community by the power of the Holy Spirit. To make this fellowship in which both social and spiritual needs can be met as young people commit themselves, not only to God, but also to each other